Your new way to get behind the rings starts here

How it works

1. Choose your Audi vehicle

Shop available inventory of pre-owned models and complete the entire leasing process online or through the mobile app

2. Select your reLease term

Select your desired pre-owned vehicle and the length of time you'd like to lease—from 6 to 18 months

3. Apply on the mobile app

After you've selected your vehicle, continue through the prompts to begin the application process

4. Schedule pick-up at your participating Audi dealer

With everything taken care of online, you'll be in and out of the dealership in no time

5. Drive home with the benefits of reLease

Enjoy your pre-owned Audi with ease and peace of mind, equipped with covered Scheduled Maintenance¹ and roadside assistance²

6. Enjoy the ride

With comprehensive benefits, like scheduled maintenece and roadside assistance, we are along for the ride to ensure your Audi stays properly maintained

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Convenience with style

About Audi reLease

They say less is more. And it rings true with the benefits included in Audi reLease.

Browse online, book on the app

Whether you're on your couch or at the dealership, you're in control of the shopping experience. Browse reLease vehicles online to choose from available inventory. Then, download the Audi reLease app to book your vehicle, apply for financing, and schedule pick-up.

Download the app ›

Expect an expert authorized Audi Dealer inspection

reLease vehicles have experienced the lease term of one customer, typically less than 36,000 miles of use. When these vehicles are returned, they remain in good condition and we prepare them for their next driver: you.

About reLease inspection ›

Enjoy the ride—we'll take care of everything else

Not only are reLease vehicles ready for use upon curbside pickup, but with added program benefits, we are along for the ride to ensure your Audi stays that way.

About scheduled maintenance › About roadside assistance ›
Easy to return

Ending your lease? It's as easy as starting it.

For your convenience, the return of your Audi reLease can be completed on the mobile app. We will notify you of next steps when the end of your lease gets close.

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Need to cancel your lease early?
No problem.

Cancel anytime by paying no more than half your remaining payments plus any excess mileage or wear.³


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What is Audi reLease and how does it work?

Audi reLease is a flexible, short-term leasing option that provides pre-owned Audi vehicles. If you are a resident of Maryland or Washington, D.C., you can benefit from Audi reLease. Start by viewing all available vehicles on the Audi reLease website or mobile app. Once you select a vehicle, you will continue the financing application process on the mobile app. There, you will be prompted to choose a term length—ranging from 6-18 months—and will be presented a fixed price. Then, apply for financing and schedule to pick up your vehicle if your application is approved.

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How is this different from other ways to get a car?

There are many ways to access a vehicle—from buying a new or used car, to leasing a new one, or renting temporarily. Each of these options require a certain level of commitment. With Audi reLease, you can have access to a luxury vehicle for 6-18 months. And compared to a traditional car lease, you will owe no more than half the remaining payments and any amounts due for excess wear and use if you decide to cancel. Customers also only pay with their credit or debit card, rather than linking directly to a checking account.

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What's included in my monthly payment?

In addition to an Audi vehicle, you also get peace of mind that comes with covered roadside assistance and scheduled maintenance.

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Is the Audi reLease price negotiable?

Audi reLease strives to make the entire process of getting into a luxury Audi vehicle as simple and transparent as possible. This includes a straightforward, fixed price and detailed information about additional taxes and fees you can expect to see at signing.

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How are dealerships involved in Audi reLease?

The participating dealership you choose is where you will pick up your vehicle and return it when your reLease term is complete. Scheduled maintenance, as recommended in the owner’s manual, is covered if the vehicle is brought to the original Audi reLease Dealer for service. If you have any questions, please contact customer support through the online chat function or by calling (855) 225-5824.

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What is the quality of the vehicles offered?

All Audi reLease vehicles undergo a rigorous inspection, performed by an expert Audi dealer. They are serviced and detailed to ensure each vehicle’s safety and appearance meets the high standard you’d expect from an Audi. Given that these vehicles are pre-owned, some may have minor external blemishes.

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Is there a warranty on my vehicle?

Each vehicle comes with the remainder of its original four-year/50,000-mile Audi New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Once the vehicle passes either the year or mileage threshold, the original warranty will expire. Please contact customer support through the online chat function or by calling (855) 225-5824 to learn how much of the original warranty remains on a vehicle.

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How many miles can I drive?

Over the course of your lease term, you can drive the equivalent of 1,250 miles per month (e.g., 7,500 miles over the course of a 6-month contract or 15,000 miles over the course of a 12-month contract).If you require or drive more than this monthly equivalent, you will be charged a per-mile overage fee of $0.25 per mile upon completion of your Audi reLease term.

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What happens if my vehicle breaks down or needs service?

Every Audi reLease vehicle comes with roadside assistance.

  • For vehicles under 4 years or 48 months, which are covered under the original Audi New Vehicle Limited Warranty, contact Audi Roadside Assistance at (877) 282-1561.
  • For vehicles which are older than 4 years or 48 months, contact Audi reLease Roadside Assistance at (855) 750-2172.

Your designated Dealer will inform you at the time of pick-up when the Audi New Vehicle Roadside Assistance will end and the Audi reLease Roadside Assistance will begin.

Every Audi reLease vehicle also includes scheduled maintenance, as recommended by your owner’s manual, when you use the service center at your original Audi reLease dealership. Contact your original Audi reLease Dealer to schedule an appointment.

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Is car insurance included with my Audi reLease vehicle?

Car insurance is not included with your Audi reLease vehicle. Every customer is required to obtain and provide proof of insurance for their Audi reLease vehicle prior to pick-up at the dealership.

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Can I test drive the vehicle before signing up?

You are welcome to test drive the vehicle at the dealership where it is located either before completing an application for a reLease vehicle or, if approved, prior to picking it up.

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What happens after I complete my application?

Once you submit your application through the Audi reLease mobile app, you will receive a decision via email within 2-3 business days. If you are approved, you will be requested to review and sign your Audi reLease contract electronically. After you have signed your reLease agreement, head to the dealership for your scheduled appointment to pick up your vehicle curbside.

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How do I cancel my Audi reLease agreement?

You are able to cancel your reLease agreement before picking it up at the dealership for no charge. Once you have picked up your reLease vehicle, if you would like to cancel your Audi reLease agreement, please contact customer support by calling (855) 225-5824 and a specialist will walk you through the process. Please review your Lease Agreement for details on early termination fees and charges.

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What happens at the end of my Audi reLease?

At the end of your lease, return the vehicle to your original Audi reLease dealership. Our trusted third party, Alliance Inspection Management, will perform an inspection of the vehicle and you will receive an invoice after your vehicle return is completed.

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Audi reLease is only available for Maryland and Washington, D.C. residents with vehicle pick-up at participating Maryland dealerships
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